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As Lisbon expanded in the 1700s, the nobility and wealthy established their homes in this area. The name originates from the former "Convent of Our Lady of the Star", or Estrela, heritage felt here today. Among the best neighbourhoods of Lisbon, with large homes and thoughtfully preserved palaces and mansions, this is a quiet and important area. Lapa itself is known as the embassy quarter. The imposing Basilica da Estrela is the meeting point for neighbours as is the verdant Jardim da Estrela, where most afternoons you'll find elders playing cards and youngsters filling the playground. This garden is the only level area, topping one of the seven hills of Lisbon, with the entire neighbourhood unfolding from there. Views are breathtaking, spanning the city, the Tagus and the red spires of the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. Tram 28 is one of the only transportation options and parking is limited.

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