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If a neighbourhood can exude feeling, it is Graça. Situated next to the Castle, this district is also known for spectacular views and is much enjoyed by residents and visitors. Two significant viewpoints, or miradors, draw people to their terraces. The Mirador da Graça's bistro tables fill during both day and night around a kiosk serving refreshments. Mirador da Senhora do Monte, higher up the hill, offers views of the Castle and views over the streets sloping down to the Tejo. This is a richly historic district yet it was built without a plan... It varies from worker's villages to wide, open viewing spots. Graça houses a diverse population, intermingling residents who were born here with new residents seeking this old section of Lisbon. Whether a tourist or resident, one is drawn here by its location, history and soul. Graça needs to address parking and lack of green space, and in 2013 launched a project called "Reaction", intended to challenge residents to participate in and continue the changes in this neighbourhood.

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